Now, however, something has changed.
When he was in the cave, he once looked directly at Taiwaijun and got a lot of opportunities for his patrol.
I didn’t expect that this jade album of Tiangang Hall in the Central Jun court was actually the evolution of the foundation of the Sun Daoyun, and many wonderful methods and instruments of the military array also contained a trace of the Sun Daojun’s vision map.
Although incomplete, it leads to the opportunity when Wang Xuan looks directly at Taivaginajun …
Chapter six hundred and twelve The situation of Yin and Yang is not changed by people.
Look at the sun and the moon to know Yin and Yang, and look at heaven and earth to know Gan Kun.
The so-called monk is to understand the laws and learn from all things in heaven, earth and universe, and finally make himself detached
This is the origin of the vision map of the practice institute.
But in terms of effect, it can’t compare with looking directly at the source.
Of course, it’s not so easy to look directly at the source. Otherwise, a large number of true immortals would have given up practicing and ran to the strong onlookers of Taiyin Sun Daojun. How can they be called opportunities?
For example, in the second cave, Taivaginas travel in two places, and the demon roots in the wild mountain can’t see that the body is bathed in moonlight, so they make great progress.
Only the blood moon is the true king Xuan who sees the lunar doppelganger
Therefore, the true gentleman of the blood moon became blind, and Wang Xuan also had Candle dragon’s eyes and the deduction plate of heaven, which was not affected.
This time, Wang Xuan saw Sun Daojun busy again.
The huge fireball covered half of the virtual fire, hanging upside down and turning over to show the strangeness.
Wang Xuan’s crazy operation, Candle dragon’s eyes are golden, and wonders are gradually appearing in front of him.
Those surging and rushing flame storms form a pair of huge feathered and flapping firmaments.
The top feather sticking out of the fire is like an imperial crown, the eyes are like three-legged claws in the hot sun, and each one is like the dragon head mountain in heaven …
It’s Sun Dao Jun Hui’s three-legged sun.
There are thirteen heads pulling a huge chariot in such a huge sun.
This chariot system is simple and golden, and it’s hard to understand the cloud pattern of fire. You can vaguely see a stalwart figure when you wander around the canopy and the flames surge.
Wang Xuan stare big eyes to see more clearly, but the scene before him suddenly collapsed, and a burning pain in his brain seemed to burn.
Sun Daojun!
Wang Xuan heart in a surprised hurriedly demonstrated a good half-day just buffered.
Recover your mind and clear up the huge amount of information in your mind.
At the same time, there are two lines of primitive simplicity handwriting on the deduction plate of Heaven.
Prison policy of plough town (residual)
Yang Jing Jing (residual)
Two secret laws? !
Wang Xuan was surprised to quickly check this information at the same time.
This "Prison Policy of Tiangang Town" comes from the Tiangang Hall of the Central Juntian Dou Department, which contains many refining methods of utensils, ranging from armor and weapons to large-scale patrol ships.
Different from his previous practice, this is a complete set of heavenly weapon
For example, in The Guardian of the Gods, he studied the Jiaxu of Liujia, and in The Prison Policy of Tiangang Town, there are not only six Ding Liujia, but also a giant guardian of Yueshoushan Mountain.
There is also the patrol boat "Prison Policy of Tiangang Town", which not only contains a larger palace boat, but also the secret method of refining an entire floating island into a mobile military camp.
Wang Xuan was excited to see it.
Many of these instruments are magic weapons. He can refine by root method, but he can refer to strengthening the strength of the patrol army.
For example, many fairy islands in the East China Sea, the Fushan base of the patrol army, have a military place.