The soul-broken eyes looked at the blood blade with burning eyes, and an attack broke out in his eyes.
After the blood blade’s momentum soared, the wind of bloody robes automatically sounded like thunder from his mouth. "Now who can stop me?" With that, Blood Blade’s bloody eyes swept to those Warcraft, and anyone who was swept by his eyes, whether Warcraft or people, avoided looking at each other.
"Terrible eyes, terrible strength."
Blood Blade looked at it for a circle, and no one answered. He smiled and then his body quickly flew to the depths, but those Warcraft looked at each other but didn’t stop it again. After all, it would be foolish to stop if you know whether you are dead or not. Presumably, the king will get rid of this human being
On that day, when the abnormal appearance appeared, Huangfu Zhantian no longer cared about the energy fluctuation. He knew that someone would find it here soon, and this golden fruit was obviously mature and could not wait any longer to be summoned. Raytheon’s hammer suddenly slammed into the ice, which was not very thick. The ice suddenly revealed a big hole.
Huangfu Zhantian three people quickly drilled into the ice cave, but it was not as cold as it was outside, but it became very warm, but the three of them did not consider these changes.
"You don’t want to abstract the golden fruit, or it will disappear." Huangfu Zhantian stopped Henaan and the single crystal motivation. He knew that it was impossible to pick the treasures of heaven and earth by hand, or the golden fruit was estimated to have no single crystal and Henaan, which was obviously white.
Said the suspection.i war horizon, taking out a jade ruler and a large jade box from his own small world, and sweeping it away, he cut the golden-shining golden fruit, and then suspection.i war day took the jade box in his hand one after another and then connected it into the jade box. This was repeated several times, and soon the tree left two golden fruit. Looking at the two golden fruit, I felt a burst of coercion before suspection.i war day moved.
"I can’t take away the golden fruit." I rushed to the blood blade and finally came to the bottom at this time, but when he saw a hole the size of one person in the thick ice, his face became extremely ugly. Obviously, someone had already got there first.
Any suspection.i Zhantian heard this sound and his face suddenly became anxious. "Come to my little world quickly. Don’t resist me. I’ll receive you in my little world or your life will be lost."
And the single crystal listened to the show one leng, but it was only this stupidity that Huangfu Zhantian received the single crystal and Henaan into the small world, while others quickly flew to the last two hands of the golden fruit. With a wave of his hand, the jade ruler at the top of the golden fruit tree was cut by him from the tree, and then the jade box caught the hand and the jade box was received by him into the small world.
After doing this, Huangfu Zhantian looked at the last remaining immature golden fruit face with an evil smile, and then the whole person disappeared and wanted to keep two, but the first bearer was obviously a blood blade, so he couldn’t create a powerful enemy for himself, so he certainly couldn’t keep one, but neither could he leave one, and the immature golden fruit was certainly not as effective as mature. If this blood blade forcibly removed the immature golden fruit, then he might be promoted to the sword god territory, but it was more likely to be a failure.
Of course, if he has to wait for the golden fruit to mature, then those strong human beings and those who haven’t killed Warcraft will definitely come, then they will definitely fight with the golden fruit, and the blood blade will be the first to arrive, so everyone will definitely get the golden fruit, and he will definitely become a target, and this is exactly what he wants.
Moreover, the snow vulture king is estimated to be promoted soon. When the snow vulture king is promoted successfully, he will be furious when he sees so many humans and the golden fruit tree, so he will have fun then.
After the blood blade drilled into the ice, I saw it for a long time, but I didn’t find a figure. However, he didn’t mean this, but looked at the golden fruit tree with only one golden fruit in his eyes.
"Who is it? Who took away the golden fruit? "Looking at the blood blade of an immature golden fruit, I suddenly became furious and roared wildly. This golden fruit consumed so much energy by myself, but it was finally preempted by others. Can this not make him angry? And this immature golden fruit, he was afraid to pick it because he was afraid that this immature golden fruit could not promote himself to the sword god territory, but if the golden fruit matured, those people outside would probably be killed and come in, and I can’t say clearly.
Looking at the face with only one immature golden fruit blade showing a struggling look, what should I do? Section 887: Snow Vulture King Breakthrough (1)
When the blood blade looks ugly and tangled, waves of energy fluctuate from the surface, which makes the blood blade have to make a choice, take out the ring, the jade ruler and the jade box, and resist the unhappiness in his heart. He picks this golden fruit and puts it in the jade box.
Before he came, he received the ring from the jade box, and then the ice was smashed, and then those who could fly appeared at the bottom of the abyss. When he turned over the jade box containing the immature golden fruit, he received the ring.
"It’s not a good habit for the blood blade to eat alone. Please hand over some golden fruit." The soul-broken saw that the blood blade received the golden fruit ring, but before they could react, the blood blade came and got the golden fruit. Of course, there was no one else but the blood blade, and this golden fruit tree could not have a golden fruit.
After listening to the soul-breaking words, blade master agreed and nodded. Although your blood blade is strong, it is impossible to monopolize this golden fruit.
Blood blade was so angry in his heart that he finally realized that he had been put together by people, and the person who picked the golden god deliberately left an immature golden god and framed himself, but he didn’t find anyone. Is it that Warcraft didn’t work [
"Hum a bunch of idiots. When I came, there was an immature golden fruit left in this tree. You asked me to hand over so much. Where can I find it for you? I’m leaving you all." Blood Blade roared and took a step forward.
After listening to the words of Blood Blade, of course, people in the field didn’t believe it, and they all intended to block the road of Blood Blade.
I didn’t expect this blood blade to be so tough. I’d rather have a falling out with someone in the place than pay out some gold fruit. It looks good to start work.
Thought of here, with a wave of his hand, a meteor hammer appeared in his hand and said to the blood blade, "Blood blade, we all admit that you are strong and powerful, but you are a person after all, and all of you in our field are blade master level. If you don’t admit it and then hand over the golden fruit, then don’t blame us."
Around those blade master-level strong people have stepped forward, and the momentum suddenly broke out. More than 20 blade master’s strong momentum department broke out. Even the blood blade of the demigod realm couldn’t help but face a change, and then the momentum also broke out with these people’s momentum.
And the several blade master strong people in Shengfeng Mountain have a look at this situation, and they all quickly flew to the side of the blood blade. They are on the alert to be shared by the blade master strong people in Shengfeng Mountain. The pressure on the blood blade was immediately reduced, but it was just a little easier.
"You don’t insult me. When I refine this golden fruit, you can clean your neck and wait." Blood Blade shouted wildly.
There’s nothing wrong with the Wizards’ Guild and the Fighters’ Guild. After all, there’s no problem for the two powerful forces to protect themselves, but the other one, the blade master strong, has a face change. Yes, if they don’t leave the blood blade here today, then there will be no place for them in this continent.
Blade master strong cast a glance at each other face look struggling is obviously difficult to choose.
Blood blade saw the blade master strong struggle in the mind suddenly a joy and then said, "If you are willing to let go today, then blood is not the kind of person who doesn’t know how to be good. When the time comes, I will definitely serve as a treasure. I think you don’t doubt the authenticity of this statement."