A white-fronted tiger with hanging eyes exudes rolling Shaqi, as if he were very hungry. He rushed from the mountain and directly tore a corpse-refining monk’s body and tore his belly!
As soon as the corpse ptomaine was contaminated with the fur of Linghu, a Lei Guang flashed to make these ptomaines empty.
A Huang Jinshi’s majestic moment broke into the crowd and burst into an earth-shattering roar!
Recently, several monks who have been practicing resin refining have a stiff look, and their eyes, nostrils, ears and corners of the mouth are oozing scarlet blood.
Seven bleeding!
These monks’ brains have been smashed into paste!
Qingqing and Fox are not as good as before.
For these monks, who are full of yin and smell rancid and dead, they must avoid them.
Even so, just a dozen breathing Su Mo, Monkey, Linghu, and Huang Jinshi will kill these dozens of refined resin monks completely!
Just laid siege to Xiao Pang and Shi Jian, two people, and ten war corpses didn’t come back to deliver, and everything was over.
In fact, it is quite tricky to teach monks to practice resin refining in the realm of repairing truth.
Many super clansmen are reluctant to take the initiative to provoke unless necessary.
They are invulnerable to fire and water, and their strength is poor, but the perfect spirit is very innate!
Let the monks who refined the resin in front of the top of the battle corpse be almost invincible!
However, the weakness of the monks of resin refining is also quite obvious
Once it falls, the corpse will lose control and there will be no threat.
Su Mo and others just caught this weakness. If they don’t give the monks a breather, they will crack down on the resin after a dozen breaths!
The dozens of war corpses fell flat to become real corpses.
Chapter six hundred and ten Blind surgery
Xiao pang just swallowed a few pills of Dan medicine, and before he could catch his breath, he saw that the monks of the resin refining Sect had been killed in all towns!
Xiao pang stared at his small eyes with his mouth open, and he almost fell to the ground.
"It’s true that the Sue brothers are still so fierce."
Shi Jian swallowed saliva from the heart feeling a.
"Boss, it’s a good thing you’re here. I miss you so much!"
Xiao pang doesn’t change color, just like a big meat ball rolling over and jumping into Su Mo’s arms, crying his nose and tears, very excited.
Su Mo thrust this chubby face and criticised "Come on"
Shi Jian also came to Sue ink fuels rustic laughter "Sue brothers thank you"
"I haven’t seen you for twenty years. How can I be polite?"
Sue ink light smile look relaxed.
At the beginning, he was alone in the primary ancient battlefield Xuantiancheng against the four major riders, Xiao Pang, Ji Chengtian, Lengrou and Shi Jian, and returned to fight with him side by side!
They are brothers in trouble!
Xiao Pang laughed. "Stupid boss, you ignore him."
The excitement of the reunion of three people after a long separation is beyond words.
Shi Jian doesn’t talk much, but he giggles.
Su Mo looks calm, smiling, but unconsciously much more.
"Thank you for your help from several demon brothers."
Xiao pang smiled at the monkey and others with fuels.
He is naturally familiar, and even worse, he has known monkeys and linghu for a long time.
"Boss, I’ve heard silly things about your northern domain."
Xiao Pang comforted, "You are not afraid that you will come back to Zongmen with me this time. I implore Master to take you in. Although our tomb clan is weak, it has some details after all!"
"And our tomb is the worst hidden! We can’t find the roots outside our residence! "