The architecture is simple and antique, showing peace and elegance. Without the deep and gloomy smell in the palace, people feel very peaceful and comfortable. Seeing every grass, tree and stone on the first floor there, I can’t help but feel at home.
Ling Mo came up to me in a black embroidered bird and crane tunic and a piece of rich suet white jade.
I got into the sedan chair and greeted him.
"Your home is really nice and more comfortable than the palace." I admire my eyes floating around.
"What father is going to the battlefield again, and I am not at home all the year round. Can this be considered a home?" Ling Mo walked forward sullenly with resentment in her tone.
"How come home is not a form? Talent is the main body of the family. On your father, he cares about you everywhere. This is the most important thing."
"You’re not me. What do you know?"
"Ling Mo, I’ll tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a man whose hometown experienced a massacre. When he went back, his house was lying dead all over the place. His parents, wives, daughters, cousins, uncles and aunts were all dead. Faced with this tragic situation, he was so sad that he was about to pull out his gun … instead of drawing out his sword and committing suicide, a little girl covered in dirt climbed out of the ruins. It was his little daughter. He suddenly became ecstatic and held her daughter in tears. I finally had a home again."
Lingmo stopped his pace and opened his mouth. "Do you mean you have a family?"
I earnestly induced, "You know what’s the saddest? Those who have relatives don’t treat you as family. Even if they are with you every day, you won’t feel warm and lonely. Your father loves you very much. Even if he is not with you, his love for you won’t be reduced at all. You have to be honest with your father. He has a lot of responsibilities. He is not your father. He also shoulders many soldiers’ lives. Don’t complain that he is more sad than you when he is away from his home. "
"It’s really not that hard for me to be mentioned by you. I want to grow up quickly and take over my father’s position as soon as possible, so that his family can live in peace and happiness." Ling Mo opened his eyes with high morale.
"It’s rare for you to be considerate of your father’s mood. My father didn’t hurt you in vain." The king of Nanjun came out of some bush and I was shocked.
"Little girl, it’s a little thing for you to guide your child. It’s so stubborn that I don’t eat hard, and I don’t treat him with a soft attitude." The king of Nanjun held down Ling Mo’s shoulders and said earnestly, "Daqin in Mo Er’s father’s heart is as important as you. After this fight, Xiongnu’s father will accompany you more in Beijing. Don’t you like riding and shooting and teach you personally when I come back?"
"Father … you keep your word this time." Ling Mo’s eyes are red. The king of Nanjun County has always been careless. This kind of sweet words is estimated to have never told Ling Mo that Ling Mo was moved to cry.
"Of course, I’m Lingmu. A word spoken is a promise, but it’s hard to make a mistake. It’s so small that I’m waiting for my victory."
"Well" ling devoted to heavy nodded.
"Didn’t the county king want me to see a friend’s foot injury?" I asked
After seeing me, my loving look faded and replaced by caution and vigilance, but his hesitation did not last long, and his eyes seemed to be determined
"Come with me." The king of Nanjun took Ling Mo and me through the passageway to the quiet room in the East Chamber.
Lifting the bamboo curtain, we walked into the room, which was specially filled with some official documents from Four Treasures of the Study. There were two long mahogany shelves next to them, all of which were soldiers and Korean soldiers.
I haven’t seen anyone
There is something strange. I also see a strange look in Ling Mo’s eyes. It seems that Ling Mo doesn’t know who his father’s secret friend is.
Lingmu took us into the small bedroom on the side of the room. The bedroom is very simple to take a nap when working.
On the wall opposite the bedding, there is a huge poetic painting that attracts my attention. In the painting, there are several peach trees planted in front of the humble house. There is a beautiful woman in blue leaning against the flower trees and holding a round fan, just as a petal falls.
"This beauty is really beautiful. Who is it?" I’m curious to ask
"My mother"
Ling devoted to say that finish this eyes a dark.
I’ve long heard that the princess of South County died early. I really don’t know what to do
In a blink of an eye, the king of Nanjun is very attached to the beauty of the painting, and his mouth is softened by the beauty. The king of Nanjun should love his princess very much.
This atmosphere is a little sad. My parents are remembering their loved ones. I am not suitable for the scene.
"Where is your friend, King Jun?"
The king of Nanjun came to his senses, turned around a slate extending from the wall and found a pot of miniature pines and cypresses. The machine made a slight noise when it was turned in a strange way.
It flashed in my mind that a computer room is often the best place to hide the secret room.
Seeing the king of Nanjun lift up a carpet, a movable board emerged. He moved the board and led us along the stairs through a one-meter wide aisle.
I thought that this poor ventilation in the low-secret room is extremely harmful to the patient’s health. South County King should not treat his friends so inhumanely, right?
To my surprise, we walked for about 1000 meters and finally came to the exit. After drilling out, it was no longer within the scope of Nanjun Wangfu.
I looked around at a small courtyard, a quadrangle and a simple homestay.