It is said that I am alone because my Jenny died 30 years ago. My Jenny didn’t get used to "Plane" and didn’t live long. The chief engineer finally refused to add her to the list of national support and growth. He thought it was a national resource.
Now this devoted old man will donate himself again …
Chapter five hundred and nineteen Tell mankind
The chief engineer didn’t want to leave a will. He said that he believed in technology and Lin Chong. He would not die. What will he leave?
He believes that this situation is just like when his experimental team members first entered the plane. It is not a sacrifice, but a glory for the country.
"Why don’t you white? I’m 210 years old. I was over 60 years old when Lin Chong crossed more than 100 years ago. Why did I live so long and still live like a great guy? It’s not because of Lin Chong’s national scientific and technological development.
If it hadn’t been for Lin Chong and the care of the country, I would have been in the coffin by now. Don’t be sad. This is not a sacrifice. This is a person who realizes self-worth. If you live for a long time, there is nothing to live for.
Your consciousness is not enough. "
There is a moment in the experimental process.
The brain waves of the chief engineer of the instrument suddenly became a straight line.
"The data received in the middle of the day is huge."
"The plastic packaging form of documents is transferred to the reincarnation tower"
"Keep the ability to invest in" Plane "…"
The experiment was carried out in an orderly way, and the consciousness information of the chief engineer department was received on Sunday, which was a huge set of data
What I can do on Sunday is to file these data and information in the reincarnation tower of Plane, and make sure that even if I lose my body, the chief engineer can enter Plane at any time, but he needs Lin Chong to finish it.
Lin Chong’s heart was like an explosion, and his sadness and inspiration poured out.
Behind the alien wall
Lin Chong woke up from bed.
He was in tears, but he didn’t care to wipe it.
There is no brain now. It’s all blown to pieces.
Take out paper and pens made by instructors.
Lin chong’s pen disease
It’s called … well, it’s simply called "Sue humanity".
"… human beings are not created by gods or given by heaven, but evolved from the universe …
From the scale worm in the ancient sea to the savage who drilled fire in the wild mainland, and today, it is possible to reach a splendid text …
The wind, the rain, the fire, the road, the blue wisp of jade …
There is no need to pity the gods and buddhas all over the sky …
We are a completely independent and must be independent ethnic group!
Today, this is officially announced to all terrans in the universe.
My earth language will be your refuge.
On being in the party, having the same mind and respecting the concept of human race can all enter my three realms.
It’s nothing more than a detailed statement
In the first stage, it is necessary to admit human beings to the terran spirits, earthly world and celestial world. In this stage, the number of souls … the number of dust worlds … the number of celestial worlds …
The second stage is the community of human destiny, which will be the ultimate form of the earth and the earth … "
Write here
Lin suddenly felt a little confused.
What he wants to put pen to paper at the moment is the word "heaven"
But isn’t the eye already gone beyond the sky?
What ideological tradition gave birth to "Tell Man" and there is still the possibility that a second heaven will be born.
But he always feels that he can’t write’ Heaven’ for the time being.
This will, uh, cause some unnecessary trouble.