"I … I net spirit mantra …" I swallowed "why? Something is wrong? "
After thinking about it, I thought, "Is this ok?"
"What’s the matter?" The teacher elder sister asked
"The girl’s body and pathogenic factors have all been removed, but the damage is big enough," Sisi said. "You younger brother really dare to think that it’s lucky that his spell is not unified. If you learn this girl, even if you save your life, it will be abolished."
"I didn’t know how to try the dark spell in the pure spirit spell." I was embarrassed to say.
"I didn’t say you didn’t do it right," Sisi said. "On the contrary, if you weren’t decisive enough, the girl would have been delayed."
"That’s good. I’m in trouble," I said in horror.
"Before it’s too late, we’ll take GAI away." The teacher elder sister got up. "You should adjust your thinking and go to that girl again. Don’t be too rash."
"Well, I’ll calm down." I got up to see them. "GAI invited the teacher elder sister and Sisi girl to be oversensitive."
When they left, I asked the teacher elder sister to take the property away, and I was the only one left in this room, so there was nothing to hinder completely.
After I cooked the noodles myself and cleaned up, I went to the living room sofa to sit down and open my mind to study the video. I don’t care who she is. I want to know this opponent now and get to know her from all kinds of clues.
When others quarrel, she eats without caring. When watching the mobile phone bitch knock off her bread, her eyes are surprised. Obviously, she is unprepared. This means that she is a caring person who doesn’t care about the changes in her surrounding environment when she concentrates on one thing.
The bitch really went too far. She didn’t offend her, but she also played with others and took it out on me. I’m shameless. I’m afraid of who. The girl left quietly after being wronged, and then she will be killed all night. From this point of view, she should have a simple heart, because the simpler the heart, the easier it is to do things to extremes.
I also recalled the picture of her feeding stray cats. Seeing that the cats were pitiful, she went to buy chicken fillet. Seeing the little girl helping her not only comforted her in the past, but also sent a lollipop to let the man go temporarily because he didn’t want to kill her father in front of the little girl for fear of leaving a shadow on her; In the subway, I will be patient until late to kill people decisively. This is because I don’t want to do things too afraid to surprise those people.
In that case, this girl seems to be quite kind …
As soon as I had this idea, I gave myself a mouth of cutting. "Have you forgotten what she just did? Have you forgotten what happened to GAI? Even if that bitch is sorry, she won’t kill anyone, will she? Is it fucking kind to kill her father when you are distressed by the little girl? "
I scolded myself and felt very boring. I couldn’t help sighing, "Ghost-eyed girl, who are you? Why are you all a mystery!"
Calm down for a while, I got up and found the paper money, put a finger on it, and then continued to look for her position in the phase diagram. The result came out soon. According to the diagram, she is at the Capital Airport at the moment!
I was shocked and said that she didn’t want to go to Guangdong, did she? If so, I’ll fall behind her! But after careful analysis, it seems wrong. She has no signs of traveling today. Then what is she doing at the airport?
"Whatever she does, go and see first!" I packed up a Phoenix Golden Order and went out of the building to go straight to Terminal 3 of the Capital Airport.
I have to say that war is the best catalyst for technological progress. Since ancient times, I don’t know how many powerful words have changed from weakness to sharp teeth in the process of resisting foreign invasion, such as ancient Egypt, Cuba, Babylon, ancient Assyria and modern Germany, Japan, America and China. Now I deeply realize that this kind of war has brought progress to people. From hearing about the ghost girl, I can’t even find someone for 24 hours, but I have really made rapid progress.
There was a lot of traffic in the terminal building, and after that, I wandered around a few times. There were people everywhere, half of whom were women, and most of them were young girls. It was as difficult as finding a corn in a handful of millet.
But if I am destined, how can I find it? When I want to give up, I inadvertently look back and find a familiar figure in a small coffee shop not far from me.
I was suddenly refreshed. "Smelly girl, see where you are going this time!"
44 mistake
At the moment, she is very quiet, sitting in a corner of the coffee shop, quietly looking at the table and putting a cup of coffee. She can see me from an angle, but she turns a blind eye to me. It seems that all her emotions are immersed in her hands. The coffee shop there is open, and the people outside are busy and bustling, but her corner is so calm and comfortable.
Look at her now. Where would you have thought this was a killer?
But all this can’t confuse me. Now my heart is full of anger and nothing can be contained. Just as I was about to walk into the coffee shop, Tang Qi suddenly appeared, "Brother, don’t be impulsive and can’t go in!"
"Get out of my way!" I said coldly, "why can’t I go in?" I won’t let her run away this time! "
"Brother, calm down and see what’s around her, ok?" Tang Qi looked at me.
I looked intently and sure enough, there was a very clear aura around the girl.
"That’s not Yin qi, it seems to be aura." I was stunned. "How can a wizard have this aura?"
"Brother, she is a very clever person. How could she not know that you came to see her?" Tang Qi said, "She waited for you on purpose and wanted you to go in and find her. Once you get what she wants, you will definitely fall into her trap! Brother, you can’t be impulsive at this time. You should go home quickly. "
I stared at the girl for a long time. "I came all the way and saw her. Is it appropriate to go back like this?" I’d like to see what kind of trap she can set me in this environment. "
"So many people here, brother double god curse, do you dare?" Tang Qi looked at me. "Why don’t you take the risk as hard as her?"
I hesitated, turned around and walked back, but after a few steps, I was really unwilling to twist my head and come back in a pond-shaped row.
"Brother, how did you …" Tang Qi was taken aback.
"Don’t go near Tang Qi if I go in by myself," I said quietly. "Don’t stop me either. If I can’t handle this, is it possible to control her?"
"But your spell is too lethal to let go here." She was worried.